Glitter Butts Are The 2018 Fashion Trend On Social Media

by : UNILAD on : 10 May 2018 17:12
Glitter Butts Are The 2018 Fashion Trend On Social MediaGlitter Butts Are The 2018 Fashion Trend On Social MediaThe Gypsy Shrine/Instagram

The latest fashion trend on social media is here – and to absolutely no one’s surprise, it’s completely ludicrous.

All over Instagram young people are doing the ‘glitter butt’ and it’s quickly overtaking the ‘glitter boob’ trend. As a society, there’s no way we can stop it. Either sparkle up your derrière or be consumed by masses of glittered glutes.


I guarantee at this year’s premier music festivals, where most festival goers are far more concerned with taking selfies and coming off a really bad trip than the music, you can expect to see glitter butts at peak velocity.

Now I realise what’s ‘fashionable’ and what’s ‘unfashionable’ is subjective. After all, I grew up in an era where getting a sports logo shaved into the back of your head was considered ‘cool’. So if applying glitter to your butt is appealing to you, that’s your prerogative.

However, on the flipside, its hard not be just a little judgemental. I mean glitter was meant for arts and crafts purposes, for poorly designed birthday and Christmas cards made by children whose parents really should’ve kept a closer eye on them. Not for body art.


Shall I tell you who wins in this situation? The glitter manufacturers and the stationary stores who sell them. Guess Bustle didn’t think of that.

Wow, I really sound like a curmudgeon here don’t I? You know what, go on, just do it – there’s clearly an appeal to dousing your body with glitter which I’m missing. Maybe I’m too old, maybe I’m not confident enough or maybe I just don’t like making a mess (I’m sure it’s the last one), but if it feels right, who am I to criticise?

In an age where we have legions of fans lining up for overpriced, glorified dad sneakers endorsed by someone who makes outlandish and off-base comments about slavery, maybe the glitter trend isn’t so bad after all. People dislike what they don’t know, maybe it’s time I opened up my mind to the world of body glitter.


The glitter butt may seem like a totally new trend, but(t) you’ll be surprised to learn festival goers have been doing it for a while. Last year glitter experts The Gypsy Shrine appeared to be replacing most clothing with a layer of glitter and since then its caught on like wildfire. While they may not be the originators of the glitter butt movement I highly doubt anyone can pinpoint its true origins.


Apparently, the glitter bum was inspired by a trip to a festival in the Sahara desert, where people had sandy bums.

The Gypsy Shrine’s trend comes after they pushed the rather popular glitter boobs movement. At the time they were calling it their ‘glitter bootay’, with people calling for them to come to festivals all over the world.

If you were in any doubt as to how to apply the glitter to your bum, The Gypsy Shrine have a step-by-step guide explaining how to do it yourself (apparently the secret is to use VO5 Perfect Hold Styling Gel to hold on to a liberal amount of glitter).

Here are some ‘glitter boobs’ just in case your imagination has already worn out:


With festival season soon underway expect to see glitter butts and boobs aplenty.

To be fair it has nothing on the outrageous style choices at Burning Man.

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