Global Internet Outage Suddenly Crashes Major Websites, Banks, Online Gaming

by : Harrison Williams on : 22 Jul 2021 19:34
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A collection of the internet’s most popular websites went offline on Thursday in a global outage that was felt globally.

Internet users around the world where stunned to receive DNS errors while attempting to reach many popular websites, which means their requests to access certain sites did not process. Some of the most popular websites affected include included Airbnb, UPS, HSBC bank, British Airways and as well as the PlayStation online gaming network. Others affected included gaming services such as Steam, Call of Duty, and EA.


The issue apparently stemmed from one popular DNS provide called Akamai, who released a statement saying it was experiencing ‘an emerging issue’ due to its Edge DNS service. The company tweeted: ‘Akamai is experiencing a service disruption. We are actively investigating the issue and will provide an update in 30 minutes.’

According to Akamai the service disruption was caused when a ‘software configuration update triggered a bug in the DNS system, the system that directs browsers to websites. This caused a disruption impacting availability of some customer websites.’

Akamai was then able to fix the issue by rolling back the software configuration update. After some time Akamai updated internet users that the issue seemed to have been resolved, stating ‘we have implemented a fix for this issue, and based on current observations, the service is resuming normal operations. We will continue to monitor to ensure that the impact has been fully mitigated.’


In order to quell any notion that a hack had occurred, Akamai confirmed that this was not a cyberattack against its platform.

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