Goat Simulator’s Space Expansion Looks Super Weird


I’m not sure when or why this happened, but Goat Simulator now has an expansion that lets you zoom around in space. 

Goat Simulator: Waste of Space is set to let you continue your noble mission to run around as a goat and wreck stuff – but with a bunch of sci-fi references and space stuff thrown on top.

The trailer really is something else entirely, as it takes the piss out of crowdfunding, Mass Effect, Star Wars, and Star Citizen.

The entire thing is narrated by a barely passable Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator, for reasons I’ve long since given up trying to work out.

Waste of Space is set to be the biggest map ever released for Goat Simulator, and it certainly seems the most ambitious. The trailer and press release hint at a romance system, while the below screenshot shows Mass Effect style dialogue choices – but since you’re a goat you’re limited in what you can say.

Previous Goat Simulator expansions introduced MMO-like gameplay and zombie survival to the game – all with a goat twist, of course. I suppose a sci-fi themed expansions was merely a matter of time.

You can check out the trailer below, just remember I warned you that it’s super fucking weird.

If you decide that you can’t get by without this gem of a game, Goat Simulator: Waste of Space is available now on PC, as well as iOS and Android devices for £3.99.