God Of War 4 Confirmed, Check Out 9 Minutes Of Footage


Sony has announced God of War 4, and shared an incredible nine minutes of gameplay footage for the PlayStation exclusive. 

As was rumoured a few months ago, this new adventure will move away from Greek mythology and tackle Norse action instead. Kratos has even grown a beard to celebrate this change.

The Kratos in God of War 4 seems to be older, and a little more grizzled than we’ve seen before – that’s because it’s set “many years” after God of War 3.

The demo sees our God slaying hero take a young boy hunting through the woods, where they encounter goblins, trolls, and some kind of magical elk thing.

It really is an awesome bit of gameplay footage, and while there is every chance that the game won’t look this good on release, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating how gorgeous it is at this moment in time.

It’s not clear when God of War 4 will come out, or just how heavily the kid in the video will feature into the gameplay and story, though it was confirmed that we’ll play as Kratos for the entire game.

While God of War 4 certainly looks massive, it definitely won’t be an open world adventure.  Of course, there’ll still be plenty to see, do, and kill.