God Of War 4’s Trailer Is Hiding Some Cool Secrets

by : Ewan Moore on : 22 Jun 2016 12:00

Considering God of War 4’s awesome reveal trailer was over 9 minutes long, there’s a good chance that there a few details tucked away that you missed. 


Thankfully, a bunch of attentive and very clever fans have managed to uncover a ton of cool secrets that may well hint at what creatures Kratos and his son will be facing down the line.


The first hidden treat is a creepy ghostly figure that can be seen floating in the background around the 3:45 mark in the trailer.

Notice that there seem to be horns coming from the creatures head? Some fans have speculated that it could be a horned helmet, which would point to it being Loki, the Norse God of mischief.


God of War 4 has been confirmed to focus on Norse mythology, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if a God or two showed up for Kratos to kill – take a look at it below.


The second strange creature can be seen in a GIF below, or at the 6:45 mark in the trailer.

It appears to be some kind of flying beastie with a stick – and it doesn’t really look like it’s after cuddles and love. I imagine Kratos will be introducing it to his new axe before long.


The last one is quite literally a big one, and props to NeoGAF user Fliesen for spotting it. As Kratos and his son look across the gorgeous Norse landscape at the end of the trailer, you might have noticed what at first glance looks like a river flowing down.

Except it’s not a river – because rivers definitely don’t have scales (I mean, I’m no expert, but I’m 99 percent sure). Take a look.


Some fans have speculated that this indicates we can look forward to a boss fight with the World Serpent, Jörmungand, a beast so big that it can stretch around the world and touch its own tail. We’re gonna need a bigger axe.

Now I’d like to leave you with one last -probably silly – theory: That Kratos becomes Odin, and his son is none other than Thor.

Redditor holyarmy proposed this one:

This is the journey of Kratos to become the Norse God of War, or the Odin that we know. He might be fighting some kind of monster or on his journey to find the Yggdrasil, but no gods. When he find Gungnir, he became the Odin. If this scenario does indeed happen, that kid is definitely Thor. That’s why they don’t reveal his name.

It would certainly make a for a change of pace if Kratos stopped killing Gods, and instead became the big boss of Norse Gods. For now, all we can do is speculate, and wait patiently for God of War 4. 

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