GoFundMe Shut Down Page Raising Money For Charles Manson’s Funeral

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

A fundraising page set up in an effort to raise money to pay for murderer and cult leader Charles Manson’s funeral, has reportedly been shut down.

John Michael Jones set up the GoFundMe to pay for Manson’s burial, raising $972 before the page was removed from the site.

Jones apparently said he was raising money to give to the killer’s grandson, Jason Freeman, who he said would give his grandfather a ‘proper burial’, writes TMZ.


Manson died on November 19th, aged 83.

His health had been steadily deteriorating for some time and in January he was hospitalised for severe intestinal bleeding. Although it was found he needed surgery, he was deemed too weak by doctors and sent back to prison.

According to TMZ, Jones has been left ‘furious’ after his GoFundMe page was removed.

He reportedly posted a status saying:

It breaks my heart to see Jason [Mason’s grandson] now suffering from the same prejudices, hate, discrimination and deliberate lies that his grandfather endured for 48 years.

Jones said he’s ‘not quitting’ and he’s now taking donations via PayPal.

The cruel leader of the so-called Manson family was convicted of killing actress Sharon Tate and six other people back in August 1969 while on a killing spree in Los Angeles.

Sharon Tate’s brutal murder left the world shocked as she was stabbed 16 times while 8 1/2 months pregnant – ‘the family’ left the word ‘pig’ daubed on her front door.

Manson and his group allegedly committed the murders in an attempt to start an apocalyptic race war he termed ‘the Helter Skelter’ – a term he took from the Beatles’ song of the same name.


Since being imprisoned in 1971 – he was originally sentenced to death but got a reprieve when the death sentence was abolished in California – Manson has had ‘hundreds’ of rule violations and has been caught with a mobile phone and a number of homemade weapons.

Manson’s crimes saw him become something of a morbid pop-culture icon and his trademark swastika tattoo in the middle of his brow has become synonymous with the evil killer.

Before his terrible crimes Manson enjoyed extremely limited success as a musician through a chance association with Beach Boys founder Dennis Wilson, since his incarceration though, a number of musicians have covered his music.


Manson’s ‘final words’ were revealed in a new TV documentary called Charles Manson: The Final Words.

Cable network REELZ released the trailer for their programme in the wake of the infamous serial killer’s death.

He says in the clip, obtained exclusively by TMZ:

I’m the most famous human being not only that is alive, but the most famous human being that has ever lived and I’m not even dead yet.

What do you think is gonna happen when I die?

The documentary features conversations between Manson and film-maker Rob Zombie, who began receiving phone calls from Manson last year.


In the teaser, Manson also denies responsibility for the murders for which he was convicted.

Charles Manson: The Final Words was due to air next year, but in the wake of Manson’s death, has been bumped to next month to capitalise on the public attention.