Gogglebox’s Sandra Got Terrible Relationship Advice From Jeremy Kyle

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jul 2016 12:23

Everyone’s least favourite TV personality, Jeremy Kyle, has apparently given Gogglebox star Sandra Martin some ‘relationship advice’.


Kyle and the Channel 4 star bumped into each other when they were both backstage at the ITV studios in London, reports The Mirror.

snadra44snadra44Channel 4

54-year-old Sandra took the opportunity presented by the chance encounter to ask Kyle what she should do about her recent split from boyfriend Derek.

She posted a video of their meeting to Twitter where she can be seen wearing a T-shirt saying ‘No boyfriend no drama’.


Sandra told a shocked looking Kyle:

He came to my house to fix my laptop, then a phone call came.

He took the phone outside to talk to another woman, and when I went to say to him ‘what you doing’, he was like ‘ssh ssh’.

So I gave him a Gogglebox karate.

sandra33sandra33Channel 4

Eager to hear his ‘expert advice’ she asked him what he thought she should do.

And in possibly the greatest (and funniest) piece of advice Kyle has ever given, he instantly quipped: “Sleep with his brother.”

The poisonous guru then made a swift exit – again flipping the status quo by wanting to get away from someone faster than they wanted to get away from him.



Apparently, Sandra and Derek’s on-off romance has been going on for years, with the couple even getting engaged in 2014. However, things didn’t work out and they never managed to tie the knot.

Will Sandra take Mr Kyle’s advice? I’m sure she’ll let us know one way or the other…

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