Going On More Lads Nights Out Is Good For Your Health, Apparently


It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for guys, it looks like going on lads nights out is actually pretty good for your health.

Rejoice lads, we’ve finally got science on our side to back us up when we want to enjoy a night out.


A study by the University of Gottingen in Germany shows that male bonding time can have a healthy impact on our stress levels.

Apparently men suffer less anxiety when in all male groups and has been found to be a lot less stressful than spending time with a partner or family, research shows.

Stress-related illnesses were found to be more common in females and couples, The Telegraph reports.


The scientists observed Barbary Macaques – who are known for their human-like behaviour – and noticed the male apes were a lot less stressed when they were hanging around with their pack, as opposed to their family or partners. The study also concluded that men look after each other better.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Christopher Young of the university’s Primate Social Evolution Group said:

If male primates live in multimale groups they usually fight fiercely over access to females, but males can develop friendly relationships with a few group mates.

Well that settles it guys- to the pub!