Goldeneye’s Multiplayer Has Been Remade For PC, And It Looks Great

by : Ewan Moore on : 16 Aug 2016 15:34

GoldenEye-SourceGoldenEye-SourceGoldeneye for the N64 was one of the greatest local multiplayer experiences of all time – this is an unavoidable fact. 

Great news then, as a group of fans have been working for over ten years now to recreate Goldeneye’s glorious multiplayer mayhem on PC, with their most recent efforts now out and available for commoners like you and I to play.



To get a sense of how much time they’ve spent working on this, the newest version is GoldenEye: Source v5.0 – v4.0 was released back in 2010.

The whole thing has been longingly and painstakingly recreated from scratch, with every map rebuilt from the ground up. This means you can expect much nicer textures and models than the N64 could offer.

The whole thing is built on Valve’s Source engine, and there are bots to play against, online play, community events with unlockable rewards, and special achievements – check out a trailer below, as if the idea doesn’t already have you gagging to play.


Nostalgia is a powerful tool, but Goldeneye really was a groundbreaking FPS in terms of multiplayer and the sheer amounts of insane and unpredictable fun you could have with it.

I’ve yet to download Source, but it looks like it’s entirely in keeping with the spirit of the original.


If you wanna check it out for yourself, you can download for free over here – now go relive your childhood.

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