Good Job You’re Not An MP, Or People Might Call For Resignation For This Font


comic sans

When Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Theresa Villiers, decided to send out a Christmas card to her constituents, she probably thought she was being a pretty nice person.

She might have even thought a few extra votes would come her way.

But no. The card bombed harder than Chelsea’s title defence, and sparked a flurry of calls for her resignation, because apparently, the people of Northern Ireland take Christmas cards VERY seriously indeed.

So this was the card…

And the situation escalated quickly, with a number of people complaining about the card.

It was posted too late, the shit attempt at using Photoshop didn’t go down well, basically the whole card was a disaster.


But the font. Dear God, the font.

That was the real deal breaker, with people calling for her to resign over her use of Comic Sans. Seriously.

To be honest, if that’s the biggest issue the voters have with a candidate, they’re doing pretty well. At least she’s not having inappropriate relations with a turkey.