Google Searches About Moving To New Zealand Skyrocketed Following Debate

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Oct 2020 13:48
Google Searches About Moving To New Zealand Skyrocketed Following DebateGoogle Searches About Moving To New Zealand Skyrocketed Following DebatePA Images

After being left decidedly unimpressed by the recent US presidential debate, disheartened Americans have reportedly been looking towards other English-speaking countries to lay down their hats.

The first live debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden left much to be desired, and many Americans have understandably begun to look towards other world leaders for a bit of hope and inspiration.


One leader who has proven particularly popular in recent times is Jacinda Ardern, with the prime minister of New Zealand having shown commendably strong leadership over the course of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

New Zealand Goes 100 Days Without Community Transmission Of CoronavirusNew Zealand Goes 100 Days Without Community Transmission Of CoronavirusPA Images

A data analysis conducted by New Zealand media outlet Newshub discovered that Google searches for the phrase ‘how to move to New Zealand’ skyrocketed on the evening of Tuesday, September 29, just after the presidential hopefuls took to the stage.

Just before 3pm – one hour into the often chaotic debate – the search was at 75 out of 100, and by 3.30pm, the search reached 100.


Other related searches that saw a significant spike included, ‘can I move to New Zealand’, ‘move to New Zealand from US’ and ‘moving to New Zealand’.

presidential debatepresidential debatePA

As per Forbes, there was also a noted increase in Americans googling how to move to Ireland, the UK and Australia on the night of the debate, although this was to a lesser extent.

Unfortunately for those Americans hoping to start a new life for themselves Down Under, it won’t be quite as simple as hopping on a plane. In the majority of circumstances, US residents are currently still banned from entering New Zealand due to America’s high coronavirus infection rates.


As reported The New York Times, at least 41,983 new cases and 974 new coronavirus deaths were recorded in the US on September 30.

New Zealand Ends Lockdown As Prime Minister Says Country Is Free From CoronavirusNew Zealand Ends Lockdown As Prime Minister Says Country Is Free From CoronavirusPA Images

Over the course of the past week, the US has seen an average of 43,258 cases each day, showing an increase of 11% from the average recorded two weeks earlier.

As of the morning of Thursday, October 1, more than 7,262,600 people in the US have been infected with coronavirus and there have been at least 206,800 deaths.


As a comparison, as of October 1, New Zealand has seen 1,492 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 25 deaths, as per statistics from the Ministry of Health website.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), New Zealand currently has one of the highest testing rates on Earth, and one of the lowest coronavirus related death rates.

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