Google Street View Car Trashed At World’s Biggest Food Fight


You’d imagine the world’s biggest food fight to be messy, but revellers at La Tomatina, in Bunol, Spain, crossed the line when they vandalised a Google street view car.

La Tomatina saw 20,000 people join the celebrations, with the Google car damaged as it was trying to broadcast pictures of the 70th annual food fight.

The civil guard have been called in, and an investigation launched by the Mayor of the town after the act of vandalism.


The zoom cameras of the car were damaged, along with the windscreen wipers, and all of this was done with the driver still inside of the car, along with the glass of the windscreen being smashed.

The cost of said damage is currently being assessed, but thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident, including the driver.

Filming of the festival was sadly unable to take place, with this year being the largest in the history of the festival.


The festival can boast 150,000 kilos of tomatoes being thrown in the space of an hour, and saw several injuries, including one man breaking an arm and a woman breaking her leg after falling down a ravine.