Google’s Self Driving Car Wreaks Havoc In GTA 5


It turns out even autonomous self driving cars pick up on the murdery vibes of Grand Theft Auto before long, as proven by this unsettling new GTA V video.

YouTuber pizzaforbreakfast (great name by the way) put the fake news story together in GTA V‘s video editor. Using the audio from an actual piece about Google’s self driving cars was a touch of genius.

Seeing the vehicle mow down hordes of screaming pedestrians while the journalist calmly explains how self driving cars are the future is pretty funny, but the “car’s eye” view of the chaos is a highlight.

Anyway, you can check out the video below. Personally, I continue to fear and mistrust self-driving cars on a primal level.

Seriously, what if somebody tampers with the car and gets it to drive you off a pier or something? No, as far as I’m concerned this fictional video is all the proof I need that self driving cars are the work of Satan. Thanks, GTA.