GoPro Footage Shows Dog Fending Off Brutal Wolf Attack In The Forest


This brave dog managed to fend off a wolf attack in the forest.

Klara, a four-year-old Swedish elkhound, managed to capture the whole incident with a GoPro camera she was wearing.

According to the Daily Mail she was out hunting in Sweden with owner Tommy Berglund when she ran off further into the forest. Klara then stumbles across the predators, and in the footage the dog can be heard crying in pain as she fends off the two wolves.


Luckily she was wearing her steel-lined vest, or she might have died from the viscous attack.

Berglund took her to a nearby vets where they sewed up a huge wound on her back and 14 minor injuries. Klara also had about 15-20 smaller wounds which were left to heal by themselves.

After three days Klara was back on her feet again and is doing well.