GoPro Guy Breaks Into Hotel So He Can Jump Off The Roof

by : UNILAD on : 23 Oct 2016 02:40


With GoPro, I don’t have to do anything but watch and I feel like I get an injection of adrenalin (not that I would do anything like that anyway).


This guy is the real daredevil who spends his days climbing to the top of any type of precipice, straps a camera to his head, and just jumps off it.

His usename on Instagram and YouTube is 8Booth, and no doubt his videos will make your toes tingle and palms sweat.

He’s fairly new to the internet as he only began regularly uploading to YouTube just a little over a month ago, the Daily Dot reports.


In that short span of time he’s showcased some seriously impressive jumps. This one looks like a pretty scary rockface with a harsh landing!

As well as jumping from great heights, the anonymous adrenalin addict shows us his daring side as he jumps fences and breaks into hotels for the sole purpose of getting a good jump.

He never turns the camera to his face, and his Instagram gives no clues to his identity.

Whoever he is, he’s making me nervous but I also can’t stop watching.

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  1. Daily Dot

    GoPro daredevil breaks into hotels just to jump off the roof