GoPro On Tank Turret Gives First-Hand View Of War Against ISIS

by : UNILAD on : 03 Mar 2016 18:50

As the war against ISIS continues to rage on in Iraq and Syria, new footage, allegedly from the frontline, has emerged online.


According to the video description on YouTube, the video was captured on a GoPro by Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces.

The camera was attached to various pieces of combat gear including a gun, a helmet, and a tank turret, as the anti-Islamic State forces took aim at numerous targets.

Check it out:


Well, those shots certainly looked effective to say the least, and the operation was reportedly a success.

The description reads:

The combat and I.E.D clearance operation conducted by an armoured and motorized column of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces aimed to drive out leftovers of ISIS forces from the area and to remove I.E.Ds and V.B.I.E.Ds that got left behind in the region after ISIS defeat in Ramadi.

The result of the operation in Alsjarih and other areas was the liberation of all axes of Ramadi and the reopening of the Ramadi-Baghdad road according to media officials with the Ministry of Defense.

As interesting as it is to see this type of footage, hopefully the removal of ISIS militants from the region will see the regularity of such conflicts decrease very soon.

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    Soldiers Attached A GoPro To The Gun Turret Of A Tank While They Were Fighting ISIS And The Footage Is Legit