Gordon Ramsay And Kevin Spacey In Epic Swear-Off


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for throwing in the odd swear word every now and again but it seems he’s been out-sworn – by none other than Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey

The Scottish chef is bringing his hit British TV show, F Word, to the US, with Kevin Spacey featuring on the first episode.

And it turns out he can give Gordon a pretty good run for his money when it comes to painting the air blue.

Despite Gordon initially saying he thinks his “fuck offs” are better, he finally declares that he’d been “out-fucked”.

The chef has been a recent hit on Twitter after rating and slating pictures of food his fans have been sending to him.

And last month, the Gordon’s Channel 4 show, Ramsay’s Hotel Hell, sparked an Ofcom investigation after a show was broadcast at 11am – swearing included.

The show had 19 complaints after viewers heard the chef, known for his colourful language, say “fuck” six times. After around 15 minutes, the episode was pulled off the air and quickly replaced with crafting show, Kirstie’s Handmade Britain.