Gordon Ramsay Annihilates World Record For ‘The F Word’


Gordon Ramsay has won a heap of TV and restaurant awards but there was one Guinness World Record he didn’t have… until now.

In his American version of TV show ‘The F Word’ the chef was challenged by Alaskan filleting legend, Jenna Fabich, to a contest to see who could break down their fish the quickest.

Guinness World Record judges were on hand to see if either Gordon or Jenna could break the record for fastest time to filet a fish.


In order to smash the record, the chefs had 15 portions of halibut that weighed 40 grams or more, which they had to prep in just two minutes or less.

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Jenna was only able to come up with 13 pieces in her attempt, while Gordon cut the required amount with time to spare, finishing in one minute and five seconds to claim his first-ever Guinness World Record.

Well fucking done.