Gordon Ramsay Drove James Corden To The Airport And It Was Hilarious


James Corden has swapped his place in the front seat to let Gordon Ramsay do the honours as he prepares to fly to home to the UK to film three episodes of The Late Late Show.

Gordon, who is preparing for dinner with his wife, is asked to put plans on hold so he can give him and musician Reggie Watts a lift to LAX for a flight to London.

As expected, James wastes no time in winding Gordon up, telling him all the best chefs are in London… Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck.

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James and his team have been reworking the opening credits for the The Late Late Show’s UK recordings following the terror attack on London Bridge on Saturday.

He said it doesn’t feel ‘tonally right’ after the weekend and producers were working out how to open the show.

The three London episodes will be shown on Sky 1 on 7th, 8th and 9th June at 10pm, and they will also be available for non-Sky subscribers on NOW TV.