Gordon Ramsay Tricks Woman Who Used To Work For Him At Cooking Class

The F Word

Sweary chef Gordon Ramsay had a complete make-over to trick one of his fellow employees in the first episode of his new Stateside series of The F Word… and it’s class.

For his disguise, the TV chef donned a fat suit, facial prosthetics, a wig and faux facial hair before heading to a class led by the former executive chef at the Gordon Ramsay Group in London, Maria Tampakis.

Once at the class, Gordon introduces himself as James, a retired teacher who ‘wants to learn how to cook’.

Watch the full video below:

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The kitchen, at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, was filled with hidden cameras and microphones to capture the whole thing.

In the first task, the class learn how to make pasta – and ‘little do they know’ Gordon has rolled ‘enough pasta to cover Italy’.

The F Word

Gordon – sorry, James – is a bit of a nuisance pupil, taking loads of photos in front of Maria’s face and doesn’t listen properly – but then he mixes this with skills in the kitchen.

We also get to find out what Maria thinks of Gordon, after one lady in the class calls him ‘mean’.

The F Word

Finally, he reveals to Maria, and the class, who he really is, saying:

Maam, Gordon Ramsay would never forget the oysters.

How’s that for a fucking disguise, yes?