Gorgeous Footage For Knights Of The Old Republic HD Remake Surfaces


A few weeks ago, an intrepid team of fans stepped forward and announced that they’d be remaking the beloved Star Wars RPG – Knights of the Old Republic – under the name Apeiron with the aid of Unreal Engine. Footage for the project has now surfaced online, and it’s looking incredible.

There’s nothing in the way of combat or real gameplay – it’s more just an exploration of some of Knight’s key locations, but seeing them in shiny HD gives me real hope for this remake. Everything just looks so fucking nice already, and it’s only alpha footage.


You’ll also notice that this remake shifts from Knight’s original third person perspective to first person. It’s an interesting change that should add a cool new layer to the classic title, and is just another reason to be excited about what is already looking like a must play game. Still, for any purists out there, you can still switch to third person if you want.

Check out the video below, and marvel in dewy eyed wonder at high definition Star Wars goodness.

Poem Studios are the indie team behind this dream project (with the help of some passionate fans). Provided Disney don’t swoop in and shut this down for being better than Battlefront, it’ll be entirely free to play when it’s completed. Now everybody pray so that Disney will just leave it alone.