Gorgeous PC Trailer For The Division Shows Off Nvidia Tech


Ubisoft have released another new trailer for the PC version of The Division, again highlighting how much better it looks. Console owning peasants may as well rub shit in their eyes rather than look at the foul Xbox and PlayStation versions.

The trailer shows off what the integration of Nvidia’s GameWorks brings to the PC version of the game. Spoiler: it makes it look nicer.

Technical director Anders Homquist discusses Ubisoft’s partnership with Nvidia, and discusses the use of HBAO+, a technique that improves on current ambient occlusion techniques. Yeah, I dunno either – it looks great though.

Homquist also goes on about “soft shadows”, and the comparison in the video is actually quite striking. Even if you have no idea what he’s going on about in the trailer, you can enjoy the beautiful New York scenery.

As you may well know by now, The Division is out next week (March 8) and Ubisoft reckons it could be one of the biggest new IP launches ever.