Gorillaz Are Back With An Anti-Trump Song


Everyone’s favourite animated band is back with a politically-motivated message that is just so Gorillaz.

The two-piece conceptual band, formed of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have just dropped a new track titled Hallelujah Money and its anti-Trump sentiments can be heard loud and clear.

The track features vocals from Mercury Prize winner, Benjamin Clementine. In his melancholic smooth tones, he laments the economic and social power given to big businesses and the elite.


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Gorillaz have dropped the track on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump to serve as commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment – with the hashtag #WeAreStillHumanz.

The lyrics make an oblique reference to the rhetoric used by Trump during his campaign:

I have thought that the, Best way to protect our tree, Is by building walls…

Walls like unicorns in full glory and galore, Even stronger than the walls of Jericho…

The end! #TheBookofMurdoc

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The Gorillaz bassist, Murdoc said:

In these dark times, we all need someone to look up to. Me. That’s why I’m giving you this new Gorillaz song, a lightning bolt of truth in a black night. You’re welcome. Now piss on! The new album’s not gonna write itself.

The video utilises imagery from the Americana aesthetic, projected onto Clemetine’s theatrical features as he writhes and performs for the lens, all before Spongebob Squarepants makes a quick screaming cameo.

After six years of silence from Gorillaz, it seems the musical mavericks are back with their bag full of sunshine and the Feel Good tracks with which they have becomes synonymous.

Fans are left to eagerly await the release of their upcoming album.