GoT’s Battle Of The Bastards Was Meant To Have Very Different Ending


Yeah, obviously there are spoilers ahead, but if you haven’t already finished the latest series then what the fuck are you waiting for?

The Battle of the Bastards was one of Game of Thrones‘ most epic scenes, and the outcome provided some sweet, sweet justice for a lot of evil things we’ve seen in recent series.

It saw Jon Snow’s ragtag bunch of misfits take on the better organised, superior numbers of Ramsay Bolton, in a bid to recapture Winterfell from the skin-removing little psychopath.


Long story short, the Snow/Stark coalition succeeds – thanks to Sansa getting help from the Knights of the Vale and no thanks to Jon Snow, who seemed to stumble from tactical blunder to tactical blunder.

But the director of the episode, Miguel Sapochnik, revealed that the scene originally had a very different ending.

Speaking at the the Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel, he explained that they had planned to round up and encircle Jon Snow’s army with horses instead of men, Digital Spy reports.

jon trappedHBO

But budget restraints, and the nature of horses, got in the way. Sapochnik said:

Originally, we were gonna have a lot of horses, like seven-horses deep and they were gonna charge the horses… and then actually surround the allied troops and crush them with the horses.

The trouble is, if you run horses at people, they don’t like it… So the decision was, we weren’t gonna run horses at people, we were going to run people at people.

He added that the terrifying wall of shields that envelops Jon’s men were added to save money, by blocking out all the fighting that was happening behind them, as well as the massive pile of bodies, so neither things had to be staged.

And to keep you occupied while we wait patiently for the delayed next season, here’s that epic final scene one more time:

It gets more satisfying every time…