Government Denies You Could Get Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine

by : Daniel Richardson on : 09 Feb 2021 10:42
Government Denies You Could Get Fired For Refusing COVID VaccinePA Images

There have been reports that not having a COVID vaccine could lose someone their job, but the government has now clarified that this will not be the case. 

Some were worried that not having the COVID vaccination would impact their ability to work at certain companies after a report was published about measures to protect staff.


The government has now denied that there will be a ‘jab for a job’ scheme, although there may still be instances where employers can prevent staff from working if they refuse a vaccination.

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The official spokesman for the prime minister has spoken about the proposed scheme, stating:

Taking a vaccine is not mandatory and it would be discriminatory to force somebody to take one.


Some will be relieved by this stance, but there is also a strong argument for encouraging the uptake of the vaccination with care workers.

The argument is that vaccinations would stop the spread of the coronavirus to those who are vulnerable and by refusing the jab, you are actively endangering those you work with.

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A government official previously told The Telegraph:


Health and safety laws say you have to protect other people at work, and when it becomes about protecting other people the argument [for mandatory vaccines] gets stronger.

If there is clear evidence that vaccines prevent transmission, the next stage is to make sure more and more people are taking up the vaccine.

If people have allergies or other reasons for not getting jabbed, then, of course, they should be exempt, but where it’s an unjustified fear, we have got to help people get into the right place.

Despite the strong argument for a mandatory vaccine for staff, it is evident that the government currently has no intention of enforcing the jab. With that said, individual companies may be able to find legal grounds that can counter the claims of discrimination.

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Law firm Pinsent Masons have analysed the situation and concluded that if a company claims that the vaccine is a ‘reasonable instruction.’ This is because not taking the vaccine could lead to the death of those surrounding them, and as a result, they may able to dismiss staff. Of course, if the worker does not interact with people, getting the vaccine would not be an issue.


There is good reason to have the vaccination as the death toll from COVID-19 exceeds 100,000 people. Nonetheless, how the government and businesses ensure a widespread adoption to protect workers still seems unclear.

If you’ve been affected by coronavirus and want up to date advice, visit the Gov.uk help page here. If you need medical help call NHS 111 or visit online.

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