Grandfather, 88, Who Was Tormented By Thugs Jailed For Having Loaded Shotgun



One grandfather from Norfolk has been jailed for having a shotgun – despite being tormented by thugs.

The 88 year old had the antique 124 year old shotgun in his car, and after stopping to talk to police, Roy Delph was arrested when officers noticed the weapon inside the vehicle.

After bring tormented for two years by thugs in the local area, the pensioner carried the gun with him, and despite only using it to shoot vermin on his own land – and thinking the gun was unloaded, he was eventually jailed for two years, after pleading guilty to possession of a loaded firearm in a public place.

Making matters worse for the frail 88 year old, his wife is disabled and housebound, and has claimed she now no longer ‘knows what to do’ after her husband and carer was sent to prison.

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Delph has now been forced to give up his firearm and other weapons, despite the fact that the youths who tormented him allegedly killed his kitten and damaged his property, waging a campaign of terror against him.

He had never been in trouble with the law before, and looked after a number of animals on his property, despite suffering from a variety of health issues and caring for his wife.

The sentence for carrying a loaded weapon is usually a minimum of five years in prison, but Judge Nicholas Coleman had previously agreed to reduce this.