Grandfather Comes Out As Gay Age 95 With A Heartbreaking Confession


This is Roman. A 95-year-old man who has been married to a woman for 67 years.

He has two children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. But just last year, Roman came out as gay.

For nine decades he lived with his secret, despite knowing that he was gay at the age of just five-years-old.

In an interview with YouTuber, Wickydkewl, Roman revealed everything from how he told his family he was gay to what he looks for in a man, according to the Mirror.

Roman said:

I just told them plain that I was born and I was all my life gay.

I told them the whole tragedy of my life and then they understood what happened to me. Can you imagine 90 years to be in the closet?

Roman desperately wants to find someone he can spend his final years with but no, he doesn’t have a type.

He said in the interview:

I don’t care! I don’t look at the face, I look at the heart. Somebody to lean against. Somebody who feels the heart ticking – and nobody can do that unless you let them.

However, tragically he believes it may be too late saying: ‘who needs old junk?’.

He added:

I’ll be very honest about it. I really don’t need any either physical or mental connections, I don’t need [them].

But I want to – I want to go to sleep and have somebody close to me, not for any other reason but to be sure that someone cares, you know? That’s all.

For you it’s easy to find. For me, I’m too old already. Who needs an old junk?

Better late than never eh, Roman. Hopefully you find somebody in the near future!