Grandma Allegedly Sacked From Charity Shop For Not Being Able To Use PC

by : UNILAD on : 11 Jul 2015 11:30
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One 75 year old grandmother has been told that she is no longer needed as a volunteer for a charity – all because she isn’t comfortable using a computer.


Jane Brooks was told she was no longer required at Dove House Hospice, Hull, East Yorks, by the HR department, and has spoken about her dismay at the news.


She claimed:

I feel shattered.

I told them I was wiling and able to do anything else, such as washing items when they come into the shop and hanging them on the rails, which I already did.

But I’m not comfortable about using technology. I don’t even own a mobile phone. The next thing I knew I received a letter through my door.


She had been volunteering in charity shops since the 1980s and was initially told to have a ‘break’ from volunteering, before being told that was no longer an option – with three other women who spoke up for her also told they were no longer needed.

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    Long-serving charity volunteer, 75, summarily 'dismissed' for not being able to use a PC