Grandpa Tries To Record Marriage Proposal But Ends Up Filming Himself

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grandpa camera filming proposalgrandpa camera filming proposalStoryful

Many people spend weeks or even months planning the perfect proposal knowing it will be one of the biggest moments in their life.


Often the person popping the question will ask someone to film the moment so they can share it with their friends and family.

Which is exactly what one man did on top of the scenic Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he and his girlfriend had their first date.

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Jayce Flauding, Jamie Hart and their family met the couple on the tram on the way up and began talking to them.


Grandpa John Hart in particular spoke to the nervous groom-to-be cracking a joke about proposing not knowing this is exactly what the man had planned.

John told KOB4:

He introduced me to his girlfriend and at that point I said, ‘wow hey this would be a great chance for you to propose to your girlfriend and put a big smile on her face’ and unbeknownst to me, that was the plan.

When their tram reached the top, the man pulled Jayce to one side handing over an iPhone so someone could capture the moment he proposed to his longtime girlfriend of eight years.

But with his hands full, Jayce passed the phone to John who was tasked with filming.

And this was the adorable result:

As you can see, the camera was facing the completely wrong direction meaning John filmed himself rather than the proposal.


You can hear the man propose, the girlfriend say yes and the crowd cheer in delight while John just grins into the camera, the main reaction visible in the video.

Unbeknownst to him, John had captured his genuine and heartfelt reaction which made for the perfect viral video.

grandpa camera filming proposalgrandpa camera filming proposalStoryful

Luckily for John the couple clearly didn’t mind as you can hear them laughing about it towards the end of the video.

Naturally it went viral with the internet being full of love for John.

On YouTube one user commented:

He’s so darn cute I just want to put him in my pocket and keep him! You turkey! I’m smiling so much my cheeks hurt. God love him he tried!! His eyes and smile captured the moment still.

grandpa camera filming proposalgrandpa camera filming proposalValenZero/YouTube

Another said:

This is the cutest video, his reaction is precious.

grandpa camera filming proposalgrandpa camera filming proposalValenZero/YouTube

Soon after the story went viral, news channel KOB4 put out an appeal to find the newly engaged couple.

More than a week later, Christopher and Kandace got in touch confirming they were the couple from the tramway sending in a video of the proposal, filmed correctly, to KOB4.

grandpa proposal couplegrandpa proposal coupleKOB4

John and Jaycie, pictured above, couldn’t believe the couple had been found.

They said:

That’s the scene of the crime. Oh he looks so nervous. Wow!

Oh you can hear wholesome grandpa. OMG! That’s awesome.

OMG, that’s crazy. That’s so cool seeing the other half to it.

It would be cool if we could get an invite to his wedding, no pressure.

If the family do get invites, it is probably best John doesn’t film the ceremony!

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