Graphic Body-Cam Footage Shows Police Taser Machete-Wielding Arsonist


Graphic footage of the moment a policeman tasered a machete-wielding arsonist has been captured on body camera.

In the video, the officer can be seen with his pistol drawn as he enters the house in West Jordan, Utah, while being followed by his colleague. The cop then holsters the weapon before taking out his Taser and shooting the suspect as he sets fire to curtains with a blowtorch.

According to the Independent, Brandon Morgan, 36, was discovered by the officers with severe cuts to his wrist and, as the fire quickly took hold of the house, police were forced to carry Morgan’s stunned body outside onto the driveway.

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Dept

West Jordan police officer Ian Adams told Fox News

It was a very chaotic situation. Initially only two officers arrived and contacted the suspect inside the home, [and the] third officer arrived shortly thereafter. Those three were engaged in a fight with the suspect inside while the fire was still burning, taking the whole house.

According to Fox News two family members made it safely out of the home prior to the fire, however three dogs and a cat were killed in the blaze.

Morgan has now been charged with aggravated arson, aggravated assault, domestic violence and aggravated cruelty to animals. He’s currently being held at Salt Lake County Jail ahead of his first court appearance.

Salt Lake Tribune

West Jordan Police Chief Doug Diamond added: 

The officers acted heroically by getting him out of the house with their lives being threatened, too, not just by the suspect, but by the fire. They were concerned for his safety.

A tough job, well done guys.