Graphic Designer Teaches Vain People A Lesson With Hilarious Photo Edits

by : UNILAD on : 15 Mar 2016 17:50

Considering how public social media can be, it’s pretty ridiculous how shameless some people are online.


While holding the camera above you at an an angle, or pouting like a fucking trout, are decent enough home remedies for the perfect selfie, you could always ask a graphic designer to Photoshop your image.

And that’s where James Fridman comes in.

It appears numerous vain people have been pestering Fridman online to help improve their photos, and while his edits don’t deliver the precise results requested, they certainly don’t disappoint.


Ask and you shall receive…


Based on that ‘joint,’ the kid is clearly an edit master in no need of Fridman’s services, but he still helped regardless. What a guy…

This particular edit has raised some questions as to how genuine the requests are though.

You see, the image would have you believe SusannaT was making the request, however, unless Hollyoaks actor Jennifer Metcalfe goes by that pseudonym online then something doesn’t quite add up.


But, with his attempt to spread positive messages on body image, and the hilarious means of doing so, we can probably let that minor misdemeanor slide.

Keep up the good work, James.

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    Careful what you wish for! Designer trolls social media users who ask him to edit their images to make them look 'perfect' - by taking their requests a little TOO literally