Graphic Images Show Brutality Of University Frat Initiation

hofstra-741695Hofstra Chronicle

Horrendous photos have come to light showing sick and twisted acts taking place during a fraternity initiation at an American University. 

A probe was initiated by the Hofstra Chronicle into the Sigma Pi fraternity’s initiations which were taking place underground at the Hofstra University in New York and revealed some shocking images.

The gruesome photos show students in various disturbing situations such as imprisonment and carrying out ‘forced favours.’

hofstra-741693Hofsta Chronicle

The Chronicle revealed there was a rating system including a merit and de-merit scheme, resulting in victims having to do various atrocious acts.

The hopefuls are known as ‘pledges’ and can be seen in one photo laid out on the floor caked in flour. The pledge in the cage was left there for hours at a time while being questioned about the fraternity – if he failed to answer correctly, he was left there for longer.

Another shocking image shows a man on his knees beneath a swastika, covered in red sauce while others allegedly show  students vomiting on each other.

One of the tasks, deemed ‘the most painful to endure,’ included using chill pepper and hot sauce to cover potential pledges genitals.

frontHoftsra Chronicle

The chronicle’s whistleblower, Syed Ali John Mehdi reported back to the newspaper and disclosed all the gory details.

He said:

We had this thing called ‘Hell Night’. They’d throw hot sauce all over our body and we’d have to sit there for hours all throughout the night.

The university has since investigated and shut down this appalling group.