Graphic! This Farmer Nearly Died After Getting A Pitchfork Through His Head

by : UNILAD on : 11 Jul 2015 12:57


This young Russian farmer had a seriously bad day at the office.


All lines of work have their own risks and dangers. Construction workers can fall off scaffolding and land on a spike. Office workers might spill their tea or get a poorly wrist from RSI. Farmers might pitchfork themselves in the face.

Aleksey Startsev was working on a farm when he had a freak accident.

He managed to get a pitchfork prong through his eye after it got tangled in a cows horn.

Medics say that Aleksey is lucky to be alive.



Aleksey said:

I was putting straw down for the cows when the pitchfork got tangled in one of the cow’s horns and then it shook its head.

It all happened so fast I remember being shocked and shouting for help and I tried to open my eye but I couldn’t. I thought I’d lost it.


Aleksey underwent treatment to have the prong removed, o which about 4 inches went into his head.

One of the medics said:

It was important to pull out the metal very carefully to prevent additional injuries from being caused.

It was also needed to carefully clean the wound, as it was a very dirty object, to eliminate further infection.


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