Great White Shark Photobombed By Another In Amazing Footage


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Photobombs are all the range these days – we have them at the Oscars, on nights out, at sporting events everywhere – but they have all been topped by this great white shark.

Yeah, you read that right. One shark decided to photobomb another, jumping several feet out of the water to do so. Ok, so it wasn’t a conscious decision, obviously, but we like to think it was.

The amazing incident happened in South Africa’s Mossel Bay, where a group of divers were already filming one shark devour a piece of tuna, and then got the shock of their lives when they saw another shark jump out of the water and captured it on camera.

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Dan Abbott, a spokesperson for the company that led the White Shark Africa expedition boat, claimed:

We sometimes see great whites behave in this way. No seal or anything, just a totally random breach.

To be up close and personal with one shark is amazing enough, but for it to happen twice in the same day is really something, and it is easy to understand why the divers called it ‘amazing to see’.