Grenfell Residents Reveal Truth About Tower Fire Authorities Don’t Want You To Know About


The death toll from the Grenfell Tower fire now stands at 79 and is expected to increase further, but do we know the truth?

Police said five people had been formally identified and the rest were ‘sadly’ missing presumed dead and ‘due to the intensity of the fire and the devastation’ it caused, it might not be possible to identify all the victims.

One nearby resident has posted videos on Facebook claiming there was a lot more to the story than the Government are revealing.


He said in the footage:

For you to get the proper and the real stories, you must go to the people that live here. What you’re seeing on the news and what you’re seeing down here, they are two different stories.

You have to go to the people that live here or have their families and loved ones lost in there [Grenfell Tower]. They are the people that are going to tell you the truth because the rest don’t even know the truth.

They’re not telling you how many people really died in there.


Emergency services were called to Grenfell Tower in Shepherd’s Bush at 12.54am on Wednesday, it took 24 hours to put the fire out.

He added:

For £2 extra, which would have cost £5,000 for fire resistant cladding, to put a sprinkler system in, £200k, they gave them £10 million to do that, and they only spent £8m or something like that, so where has that £2million gone?

I’ve got a friend who works for the fire brigade, yesterday on the phone, he said they found about 42 bodies in one room, all hiding together, no-one knows that. It’s only because we know the fireman that he told us this. 42 bodies in one room, from children to old people – but they’re not going to tell you that.

If you want the truth about #GrenfellTower, listen to the residents and eyewitnesses. Not the authorities. We know these brothers personally.

Posted by Majid Freeman on Sunday, 18 June 2017

He isn’t the only person accusing the government of a cover up, there is a lot of anger and heartbreak on social media with people demanding the truth.

There are no words.