Greta Thunberg Says The Planet Might Be ‘F*cked’

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Greta Thunberg Says The Planet Might Be 'F*cked'mercyforanimals/YouTube

Planet Earth is ‘f*cked’ unless we change our ways quickly to fix humanity’s ‘broken relationship with nature’.

That’s the verdict from Greta Thunberg, who recently released a new short film titled #ForNature, urging people to make urgent lifestyle changes to prevent further, potentially irreversible harm to the environment.


Introducing the film, which was released on May 22 to mark World Biodiversity Day, Thunberg summed up the stakes succinctly, saying ‘If we don’t change, we are f*cked.’

Greta Thunberg releases new film about animal agriculture (PA Images)PA Images

The ‘low carbon’ short, which was written by Thunberg in collaboration with Mercy For Animals, focuses especially on role animal agriculture plays in the climate crisis, and urges viewers to consider switching to a plant-based diet.

In #ForNature, Thunberg discusses a range of key ways in which our continued consumption of meat and other animal products hurts the environment, pointing out that 83% of agricultural land on Earth is used for rearing and feeding livestock.


Thunberg says that humans have ‘industrialised life on Earth’, and warns that ‘if we continue, we will run out of land and food’ not to mention causing the destruction of ‘the habitats of wild plants and animals, driving countless species to extinction’.


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#ForNature also highlights a series of statistics that show the true scale of our animal consumption. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, the global animal agriculture industry is responsible for the slaughter of 60 billion land animals, and more than 200 million tons of sea animals every single year, with 70% of livestock raised for slaughter kept in factory farm conditions, rather than the free ranging animals companies want consumers to imagine.

And while Thunberg acknowledges that not everyone may be in a position to choose their own diet, those that can have the change to make a difference.


‘It doesn’t have to be like this.’ she says. ‘If we change towards a plant-based diet, we could save up to 8 billion tons of CO2 every single year. We could feed ourselves on [76%] less land. And nature could recover.’

So while the picture may look bleak, Thunberg says that society can still take action to make sure that the world is not as ‘f*cked’ as it could be. ‘We need a system change. But we can fix this,’ she says ‘Because we are part of nature. When we protect nature, we are nature protecting itself.’

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    ”Our relationship with nature is broken. But relationships can change. When we protect nature - we are nature protecting itself.”