NOPE: Grim Video Shows Man Making Human Flesh Flavoured Burger

by : Tom Percival on : 23 Mar 2016 10:01

Warning graphic content!


Ever been curious what human flesh tastes like? Well one intrepid journalist with a strange culinary passion decided to find out what the most dangerous game would actually taste like. 

The gruesome video begins with BBC journalist Greg Foot taking a trip to his doctors to have a small piece of muscle, taken from his calf, removed before heading to a lab to have the flesh analysed, the Daily Mail reports.

This revealed the muscle contained similar fibres similar to those found in chicken breasts and some cuts of beef.


Because eating human flesh, even if it’s your own, is quite rightly illegal, the BBC science journalist had to use science to replicate the taste by breaking down the aroma of the cooked muscle meat.

This is because smell is a huge part of taste, and Foot says that by sniffing his cooked meat he’ll have an accurate idea of what it would be like to eat it.

After being taken a back from the smell of his own sizzling flesh, Foot actually comes to like the smell, describing it as similar to a ‘rich beef and ale stew’.

giphy (6)giphy (6)

He said:

That actually smells quite nice. It’s really meaty… a lot richer than pork or chicken.

Further chemical analysis puts his flesh somewhere between pork and lamb and with this in mind Foot made himself a yummy replica burger using lamb and pork.

Despite eating a ‘Greg flavoured burger’ he claims it’s actually not that bad and spookily he seemed to enjoy the taste.


giphy (5)giphy (5)

He explained:

It’s good, it’s like really beefy, a bit lamby,’ said Foot… I think it’s the closest I’m ever going to get to tasting human, and I tell you what, it’s pretty good.

Unfortunately Greg didn’t share the exact recipe for man burgers beyond it being a combo of lamb and pork, so would-be cannibals you’re going have to get experimenting…

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