Grooveshark Co-Founder Josh Greenburg Has Died At 28


The co-founder of music streaming service Grooveshark was found dead by his girlfriend aged just 28. An autopsy is being conducted, but police have said they aren’t treating the death as suspicious.

The shocking death was reported by Greenburg’s girlfriend as she returned home from a weekend away and thought he was asleep in bed. Mr Greenburg was said to be in good health with no underlying concerns, and the police have reported they found no signs of physical harm or drug use.


Greenburg and friend Sam Tarantino founded Grooveshark at the age of 19 whilst the pair studied at the University of Florida. It quickly became one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet hitting 40 million users and employing 145 people in Gainesville and New York City at its peak.

After lengthy legal battles over copyright infringement with record labels, Grooveshark was shut down in April owing an alleged $17 billion in compensation. Part of the settlement was that Greenburg and Tarantino were to shut the website down, wipe its existence from the internet and hand over full ownership to the labels.

His mother, Lori Greenburg, has stated that he was not depressed about the law suit and was excited to go on and try new things.