Gruesome Details Of Boy’s Death On Waterslide Revealed


Just yesterday news emerged that a young boy had died in a freak accident on the world’s tallest waterslide in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Caleb Thomas Schwab was killed riding the Verruckt waterslide, which translates to ‘insane’ in German and is over 168-foot tall – making it higher than the Statue of Liberty.

However only now have the gruesome details surrounding Caleb’s death been revealed, according to ABC.


Esteban Castaneda was at the Kansas City theme park on the day of Caleb’s death and witnessed the horrific incident.

Speaking to ABC News, Esteban said that he heard a series of loud bangs before the raft, where Caleb had been sitting just moments before, reached the bottom of the waterslide followed by a body which had been washed down the slide also.

Esteban rushed over to help, thinking that somebody was lying face down in the water, but a lifeguard quickly told him that there was nothing he could do. He then noticed that the body in the water had been decapitated.

Worlds Tallest WaterslidePA

He also noticed that the front seat of the raft, where Caleb is thought to have been seated, was empty but two women were strapped into the seats behind.

Esteban said that he had been on the waterslide earlier that day with his cousin’s daughter who claims that her seat-belt became undone towards the end of the ride.

The ride only opened back in July but was delayed due to additional safety tests needing to be carried out.

Our thoughts go out to the Schwab family during this difficult time.