Gruesome Moment Police Find Woman Slitting Driver’s Throat In Parked Car


Well that’s pretty dark.

Traffic police in China pulled a car over for driving erratically to find a woman was in the middle of slitting the female driver’s throat, the Daily Mail reports.


The victim was taken to hospital, where she remains unconscious.

Apparently the vehicle was seen in the middle of the road, emergency lights on and horn blaring. When police got near it then sped off.

When they finally caught up with it they found a woman in the back holding a knife to the driver’s throat, cutting her. She reportedly said, ‘Drive, I told you to drive. Are you going to drive?’ repeatedly.


She didn’t seem fazed the police were there, and carried on stabbing the victim. When officers stepped in she reportedly shouted, ‘Don’t restrain me, I’m not going to tell you,’ at them, and was also heard muttering to herself, ‘Everyday you pressure me’.

The woman was arrested but has so far refused to say anything to police.