GTA 5 Fan Film Has Trevor Play Himself, And It’s Awesome



Trevor from GTA 5 is possibly one of the most memorable videogame characters of the last 10 years, but would you really wanna hang out with the guy? Hell no.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens in this amazing new video from Corridor Digital, in which a naive young gamer is excited to try out his new VR headset, only to discover it’s far more immersive than he wanted.

We’ve seen GTA done in real life before of course, but never to this level of quality – they’ve even managed to recruit Steven Ogg to reprise his role as the psychopathic Trevor – check it out.

Of all the people you’d trust to walk you safely through a videogame world in which people carelessly beat each other to death and steal cars, Trevor would be pretty low down on the list.

Ogg meanwhile, proves that his Trevor is far, far more than just a voice – he gives an incredible performance that brings the character to life in terrifying detail.

If you’re interest is piqued, you can watch an accompanying making-of video just below, which tells us the whole thing was put together in a week.

Even more impressively, it was written in two days, locations were scouted in two days, finally followed by filming taking place over a day and a half.

Just so we’re clear, if they ever greenlight a GTA movie and Steven Ogg isn’t cast, I will start a riot.