GTA 5 Gets An Incredible Graphics Upgrade Mod


Graphical upgrades are hardly a new thing in the world of modders, but this new GTA 5 one stands out as an especially impressive example of what the modding community can do.

GTA 5 Redux by modder Josh Romito improves on an already very good looking game in pretty much every conceivable way.


The first gameplay video shows off the mod on the highway as sunset nears, and then downtown as the rain falls.

Sunsets and rain are often graphically flattering features at the best of the times, but this mod really makes it look like something special.

As is the GTA way, the video also features a few scraps with the police – You can check out the footage below.

While a lot of the improvements focus on smaller details such as raindrops, leaves falling from trees, and altered blood effects, it all adds up to form a cohesive (and very pretty) experience.

On top of the smaller stuff, the modders have also worked on the usual graphical mod features, such as 4K textures, new weather effects, and enhanced lighting.

GTA 5 Redux isn’t ready to download yet sadly, though Romito revealed that he would share the release date the next time he shows off the mod.

In the meantime, you can head to the mod’s official website, or check it out this awesome GTA 5 /Back to the Future mod.