GTA V Player Discovers ‘Haunted House’ With Terrifying Secret

by : Ewan Moore on : 28 Oct 2016 13:50


GTA V was released all the way back in 2013, but players are still busy uncovering all kinds of secrets in Rockstar’s rich open world – or so it seems. 


Beyond such hidden Easter eggs as the Mt Chilliad mystery and the secret Teen Wolf character, there appears to be something far more sinister lurking in the game – at least according to YouTuber Itstinytroll.


In the video – which you can see below – Itstinytroll heads to an abandoned old house that’s pretty much been completely torn apart, at night of course.

Heading in, we can hear the faint sound of a baby crying. In the spirit of spookiness, there is obviously no baby to be found.


You can check out the video for yourself below, and decide for yourself exactly what’s going on. The implication is obviously that a baby died in the house, but I’m not so sure.

So what do you reckon? Is it a baby ghost? Is it a baby zombie? Is it a fake video/mod of some kind? I’m gonna go with option number three myself – but hey, this is Halloween, so anything is possible.

Ewan Moore

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