GTA V’s Bigfoot Allegedly ‘Found And Killed’ By Player



GTA V is a massive game with a richly detailed and immersive open world. Frankly, I’m convinced that we still haven’t uncovered every secret hiding out there. 

As I’m sure you know, every Grand Theft Auto game manages to spawn its fair share of digital ‘urban myths’, and GTA V is no exception.


One such secret myth supposedly hiding deep within the woodlands of GTA V is none other than Bigfoot, everyone’s favourite fluffy fiend.

Bigfoot (the real one and not a bloke in a costume) can be found in the game at some point – though only in the form of a hallucination that Michael experiences. This led certain players to question if we could track down the beast ‘sober’.

Enter ItsTinyTroll, who appears to have hunted down and killed the best in the wilds of Los Santos. It could be a mod, or just some simple video trickery, but I’ll let you decide.

Check it out below.

It’sTinyTroll alleges that you need to head to Raton Canyon (northwest of the map) at night. You also need the thermal scope to be able to find him.

Personally, I’m gonna chalk this up to being nothing more than another fake video – but if you wanna head out and try tracking him down yourself, be my guest.