Guest Flashes The Audience In ‘Best Jeremy Kyle Moment Ever’

by : UNILAD on : 03 Mar 2017 12:37
The Jeremy Kyle Show

Count on The Jeremy Kyle Show to never have a dull moment.


Appearing on the ITV daytime programme to find out if her partner of 11 years, Jim, was cheating on her, Nat said she’d do something rather unusual if he passes the test.

Accusing Jim of being unfaithful to her with her cousin and sister, Nat told host Jeremy Kyle if her partner passes the lie detector test, Kyle can sign her ass.

What an honour.

Watch the video below:


As luck would have it, Jim did pass the test, proving that he had not slept with Nat’s sister, cousin, or anyone else in the 11 years that the two have been together.

As promised, Nat then pulled down her jeans, flashed her backside to the audience and got Kyle to sign it.

Viewers at home called it the ‘best Jeremy Kyle moment ever’.

The audience loved it:

And so did Twitter:


Well, that’s one way to celebrate faithfulness.

Or was it all a rouse just to get Jeremy Kyle to sign her ass? Hmm…

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    Jeremy SIGNS a Woman's Backside!