Gunman’s Intense Standoff With Police Live Streamed On Facebook


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Posted by Thairath on Thursday, 19 May 2016

Over 500 thousand people watched an incredibly tense gun siege in Bangkok today, which was broadcast all over the internet and Facebook live

The standoff took place when heavily armed police surrounded the car of university lecturer Dr Wanchai Danaitamonut, who yesterday shot dead two of his colleagues in what is being reported as an argument over his career.

A manhunt was then launched for the 60-year-old lecturer, who reportedly fled the scene of the shooting yesterday, according to the Mirror.

The six-hour standoff ended at around 6:45 pm local time (12:45 pm GMT) when Dr Wanchai shot himself. Police then rushed the man to hospital to seek urgent treatment for his wounds.

Thai-PhD-lecturer-in-standoff-policeThairath TV

He was wanted for killing Dr Pichai Chaisongkram and Dr Natthapol Chumworathayee inside Phranakhon Rajabhat University’s Buddhist philosophy building.

Numerous Thai media stations reported that police were desperate to find the suspect, as yesterday he told friends and relatives that he would be ‘parting with them forever’.

The gunman is currently recovering in hospital.