Guns And Gore In DOOM’s Bloody Launch Trailer


id Software’s new DOOM blasts its way into stores (and our hearts?) next week, and the developers have shared a shiny new launch trailer to kick things off. 

The new trailer has everything you’d expect from DOOM. There are guns, there are demons, and the two often collide with gore-tastic results.

This new entry in the demon slaying FPS series looks set to return to what made the franchise so great back in the 90’s -over the top action, hordes of hellbeasts to fuck up, ridiculous weapons, and buckets of blood.

In fact, it turns out that every mission in the new game actually hides a retro level that calls back to classic DOOM, which is pretty awesome.

There’s also talk of an ultra hard difficulty setting so mind meltingly formidable, that even the guys who made the game can’t beat it. So of course, that means some pro gamer out there is gonna smash it in about 40 minutes on Twitch.

Check out the trailer below. It certainly is pretty for a game about trying not to get your head pulled off by the minions of hell.

As such, it’s a massive shame that the cover is so generic looking – but at least Bethesda offered fans an alternative sleeve, so there’s that.

DOOM is coming May 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.