Guy Beats All Dark Souls 3 Bosses Without Taking A Hit


You may remember how earlier in the year, a Twitch streamer known as The_Happy_Hob casually emasculated gamers everywhere by beating Dark Souls without getting hit once. 

In case you were wondering how on Earth he planned to top such a feat, he’s now gone and beaten Dark Souls 3 – taking out every boss along the way – again, without getting hit once.

As is the way with From Software games, the optional bosses are usually the hardest. Of course, our hero wasn’t content with doing the bare minimum – he hunted down and murdered every foul creature in Dark Souls 3, regardless of difficulty.

Oh, and just in case you thought this sounded too easy, if The_Happy_Hob ever took so much as a scratch during a run, he’d delete his profile and start all over again.

The expression on his face at the 4:46:07 mark when he screws up nearly two hours into an attempt still haunts me.


Of course as the headline gives away, our hero managed to win the day after a four hour and 20 minute run of perfect Dark Soulsery. 

What makes it even cooler is that he went entirely melee, getting up close and personal rather than fuck about with magic or ranged attacks.

You can check out the run just below, with his big moment coming in at around the 9:08:02 mark.

Next time: The_Happy_Hob beats Demon Souls using nothing but a toothpick and his breath – while skydiving.