Guy Breaks Into London Zoo At Night, Films Himself Searching For Lions

by : Francesca Donovan on : 28 Dec 2016 19:30

A group of British YouTubers broke into London Zoo to go on a lion hunt under the cover of darkness.


The five minute YouTube video follows Ally Law – an ironic name for someone trespassing on private property – as he goes looking for lions in London Zoo.

The masterplan is running smoothly and the group manage to break into the zoo – and even some of the enclosures.


At least, it’s going well until Ally realises most of the animals are taken from their open air habitats and laid down to sleep every night elsewhere.


So in the meantime the parkour prankster spends a little while monkeying around in the drained, empty penguin enclosure.

Alex and his friends go onto get bitten by a llama and find some cows, all before security catches up with them in the cow pen.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Ally said:

When the police first arrived it was all a bit hectic. It seemed police officers were just running from every direction. The first officers to get to us had their truncheons out like they were ready to kick our ass.

They claimed to have believed we were terrorists after getting the call about four males dressed in black roaming inside the zoo.

They had five units and helicopter and dog units on the way… We each got thoroughly searched inside the zoo and questioned about what we were doing there for a good hour or so. We then had to wait while they searched all around the zoo to make sure we hadn’t harmed any animals or planted some bombs, I guess…


The footage Ally filmed on the night shows the moment the YouTuber and his friends were caught.

Arriving on the scene first, an unidentified guard said:

You’re scaring them, you shouldn’t be in there. It’s like a restaurant… Do you think you can go in and get a kebab after its closed?

…Which is probably not the best analogy to offer when surrounded by cows and other meaty farmyard animals.

Ally responded to the security guard’s accusation of animal cruelty, saying:

The whole zoo is animal cruelty in my opinion…

They lock up these innocent creatures in small confinements where they spend day after day, month after month, year after year in the exact same little fake environment stuck in the middle of London in some glass box the size of my garden with a painting of a jungle on the wall.

We didn’t cause the animals any harm, We were just running around with them and they were all cool with it!


The YouTubers got off with a civil offence fine and a bite mark courtesy of the errant llama, but Ally, who said he’d never been to London Zoo before concluded, ‘It was good fun; I’ve never even been to London Zoo so being in there alone at 11pm with three mates was quite a unique experience’.

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