Guy Calls Bullshit On Kissing Pranks In Viral Social Experiment Video


Ever wondered why you’re pretty crap at the art of seduction?

Well you’re doing it all wrong and these guys make it look well easy… apparently.


YouTube channel PrankInvasion is hugely popular because of its pick-up-artist prank videos, with blokes trying to approach random, attractive women in public and try and kiss them or get their number. Who said chivalry was dead?

As several of their videos involve the guy pretending to be homeless or getting girls in bikinis to kiss him on camera it comes across a little bit staged and the cynical among us would definitely say it was fake.

Luke Donohue/YouTube

To test PrankInvasion’s rather confident pick-up techniques YouTuber Luke Donahue made a kissing prank video of his own… and funnily enough he wasn’t quite as successful.

He approached a bunch of random women and asked them to play rock-paper-scissors- a master stroke of romantic genius there. The prize of course was a kiss. None of the women fancied it, because why would they really?

Luke Donohue/YouTube

There could be a few reasons why he failed:

1) women just find Chris from PrankInvasion incredibly attractive and witty that they would just jump at the chance to kiss him.

2) maybe PrankInvasion lives in an alternate reality where women are actually quite up for kissing a random bloke or,

3) all the videos are definitely staged and those who watch it are just a bit gullible.

Yeah, that’s probably it.